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Need a home health aid, licensed practical nurse or registered nurse? CAS Home Health Care provides qualified services to individuals with complex needs. We also train and support family members and friends in administering certain types of care.
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We're striving to create a new measure for compassionate home care by meeting the demands of our patients with unique programs, genuine love and professional services.
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We are seeking highly qualified individuals who are looking to make a difference in our local communities.
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CAS Home Health Care is a Philadelphia based community homecare provider. Our organization was built with families in mind and in heart. We are committed to providing quality health care, treatment and education to patients living with physical and/or medical disabilities and their families. We assist people to remain independent in their own home. Our services reduce and/or eliminate the need for hospitalization or other institutional care by providing exceptional care at home via a family member, friend or highly qualified CAS team member.

Home health care in Philadelphia, PA. Home healthcare agency in Philadelphia, PA.

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My brother Larry was struggling with day to day tasks at home due to his disability. I tried to do the best that I could but unfortunately I didnt have the skill set. I thought there had to be a better way, and there was. I consulted with CAS Home Health Care in regards to the needs of my brother. The rest is history. My brother been with CAS for 8 years now and he couldn't be happier with his home health aide. She is an angel. Thank you.

- Mark H. / Patient's Family

What sets us apart?

Home Healthcare Philadelphia, PA

Quality Care

Our team has been selected from the best of the best and trained to deliver the highest level of care that can be given. We utilize the most rigorous and extensive hiring process and employ superior home healthcare professionals. CAS Home Health Care will work with you and/or family members to create new and unique ways to ensure satisfaction with your homecare services.

Home Health Care Philadelphia, PA

SAC Program

The Support Assistant Coordinator Program (SAC) is designed to assist people in gaining access to many government programs. We help to reduce or eliminate the cost associated with registering to receive government benefits. This program also serves as a helping hand to other community providers to ensure speedy and good services for our customers. Call today to learn more about the SAC Program.

Home Health Aide in Philadelphia, PA.

The Emergency Homecare Program (EHC) is designed to provide temporary home care services for new patients being enrolled in a government funded homecare program. All too often when homecare services become needed, it is unexpected and people need it fast! Our EHC program enrolls people quickly. This community funded program allows you to receive our services at no cost. Click here or call today to learn more about how our programs can help you.